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About us

"The idea of Tadeusz Pawelek, MPharm, was brilliantly simple: to use micronised herbs to create a modern form of medicine that you can carry with you; that you can use at any time!" (Professor Irena Matlawska, MPharm).

Innovative-Implementation Pharmaceutical Laboratory Labofarm - Tadeusz Pawełek, MPharm is one of the leading herbal pharmaceutical companies in Poland.

Labofarm's activities include the registration, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of herbal medicinal products.
They are distinguished by high quality, safety and effectiveness.
The advantageous ratio of the therapeutic effect to the price of our products is a significant asset as well.

I. The synergy of active substances

Labofarm’s innovative technology protects the raw material from the detrimental effects of chemical extraction.
Harvested and processed in controlled conditions, the standardized parts of plants are micronized, without compromising their fragile phytochemical balance.
By utilizing entire plant parts instead of just extracts, we retain the natural, initial proportions of active substances contained in the plants.
The various active compounds contained within a plant can interact and improve the availability of the active substance for the body, resulting in an increased efficacy.
The synergy effect - the combined activity of all ingredients with therapeutic properties - provides optimal treatment for patients taking the indicated dose.

II. Proprietary and pure raw material

The herbal raw materials used for the production of LABOFARM herbal medicines are of high quality and undergo extensive selection.
They are sourced from our own organic crops, attested by a European ecological certificate.
The crops are strictly monitored, and the harvest begins in the vegetative stage during which the collected plant parts have the highest content of active substances.
This determines i.a. the active substance content in the raw material.
The active substance content in the raw material depends on various factors: plant strain, cultivation conditions, harvest period, quality of soil and drying conditions.
The selected herb strains cultivated by LABOFARM contain active substances significantly superior to other raw materials available on the market.

III. Controlled production process

LABOFARM devotes special attention to quality standards – norms accepted in the European Union.
Quality control at LABOFARM encompasses several activities contributing to manufacturing high-quality products.
Trials are conducted already during the cultivation stage, allowing to determine the appropriate harvest period.
Herbal substances are then thoroughly inspected, according to the Polish Pharmacopoeia and/or the European Pharmacopoeia.
Further manufacturing stages include monitoring production process parameters and semi-finished products, all the way up to the medicinal products.
Before being released for marketing, a medicinal product is inspected in detail for compliance with relevant specifications.
Quality control also invovles developing and validating analytical methods, carrying out a durability testing procedure and monitoring microbiological manufacturing conditions.

IV. Quality in every tablet

Herbal drug standardization means the unification of active substances in each tablet.
It is a guarantee that during the technological process, the drug was not deprived of an adequate active substance content, responsible for its therapeutic effect.
It also allows for an accurate determination of dosages which is dependent on the patient’s individual susceptibility.
Herbal drug standardization is considered a difficult task. The same is true for dosing. However, everything depends on the clarity of procedures and the care for quality during the manufacturing process.
LABOFARM takes particular care with these criteria.
Material standardization provides an adequate value of the base material and pharmacological efficacy of the drug’s finished dosage form.

V. The advantages of LABOFARM products

  1. The tablets are produced using primarily standardized powdered material. They are distinguised by the complex effect of all active substances contained in plants and by their minimized adverse effects.
  2. The tablets possess a natural scent, taste and appearance. They contain no colorants, flavorings or preservatives.
  3. Quality control and assurance involve all stages that lead to producing the tablets: from the plantation and raw materials to the manufacturing process itself and the finished dosage form of the product. The quality of medicinal products is confirmed by long-term durability tests.
  4. Standardizing the active subtance content in one dose (tablet) allows to adapt the treatment to inidividual needs and characteristics of each patient.

LABOFARM offers a complete range of registered and marketed medicinal products. They are available in the form of tablets and herbal infusions.