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Our crops


In 2004, a traditional agricultural estate was transformed into a herbal farmstead, specializing in the cultivation and initial processing of herbal material intended for the pharmaceutical industry.
Labofarm Agro is in possession of more than 50 hectares of arable land. Our organic herbal crops lay in close proximity of the ecologically pure Bory Tucholskie (Tuchola Forest).
In order to provide and maintain the highest possible quality of herbs needed for production, in 2006 we began the process of transforming (converting) conventional agriculture into its new, ecological form.
The mission of Labofarm Agro is the cultivation of ecologically pure raw material for the purpose of producing herbal medicine, while continuously developing its cultivating methods and technologies.

Quality and efficacy starts with the seed.

Proper harvest and seed selection require many years of experience and observations.
Strain selection within a single species, as well as technology related to drying, purifying and preparing the seeds for sowing, is an incredibly time-consuming and complex process.
Throughout years of practice and collaborating with research centres, we have been able to obtain i.a. a strain of valerian with an entirely unique active substance content, compared to what is available on the market.

Herbs used for manufacturing medicine

To be used as raw material in the production of medicines, herbs must be properly cultivated and monitored throughout the entire cultivation process.
The harvest must be performed at an adequate time, so as to ensure that the raw material meets strict pharmaceutical requirements.
For this reason, before being harvested all herbs are tested for active substance content so that the obtained raw material possesses adequate therapeutic efficacy.


No chemical plant protection formula may be used during cultivation and processing, as it is used in conventional agriculture.
Thanks to this, Labofarm products are natural and free from pesticides and heavy metal contamination.
Each year, we undergo external audits, and as a result we have been proud holders of a European ecological certificate.

We continue to develop and improve our cultivation methods, with the changing climate posing new challenges, but also creating new opportunities.

Labofarm Agro herbal crops are a product of the passion, knowledge and hard work of many people, motivated to provide healthcare to others and to strengthen the reliability of herbal medicines.