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Herb encyclopedia

Viola tricolor – Wild pansy, heartsease Violaceae – Violet family The raw material is the wild pansy herb – Violae tricoloris herba, harvested at the start of blooming and dried in natural conditions (shaded and ventilated) or in a drying room in max. 40° C. The herb is harvested from May (in some regions end of April) to September, with young blooming, lively green shoots collected and lower, yellowed stem parts discarded. The plant is valued in folk medicine and homeopathy.

Echinacea purpurea – Echinacea, eastern purple coneflower Asteraceae, formerly Compositae – Aster family, formerly composite The raw material is the echinacea herb and root – Herba et Radix Echinaceae purpureae, harvested during blooming (July, August) in the second and third year of cultivation, processed fresh (juice, alcoholature) or dried in drying rooms in max. 45° C. The roots are harvested in the autumn, then cleaned, washed, cut and dried in drying rooms in max. 50° C.

Varbascum phlomoides – Orange mullein, woolly mullein, clasping-leaf mullein Scrophulariaceae – Figwort family The raw material is the orange mullein corolla (flower) – Verbasci corolla, Verbasci flos (Corolla verbasci, Flos verbasci), harvested in the second year of vegetation as the flowers develop, on warm and dry days, dried in a single layer in natural conditions (shaded and ventilated), or in drying rooms, initially in a low temperature and gradually increasing up to 35° C (otherwise it darkens).